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Your First Visit

1. New Patient Forms

When you arrive we will either collect the forms you have already completed from the FORMS section of our webpage, or we will provide the forms for you to complete in our waiting room.

2. Introductory Video

Next, you will be shown a 7 minute video presentation describing what you should expect with chiropractic care. During this time Dr. Arola will be reading through your New Patient Forms.

3. Meet Dr. Arola

Once you have finished the video, Dr. Arola will meet with you to discuss your medical history, current health, and how chiropractic care and/or acupuncture may improve your life. At this time, Dr. Arola will perform a full examination.

4. X-ray

The final stage of your first visit will be to have x-rays taken. We x-ray every patient to insure your condition does not require more involved treatment, and to better understand your unique bone structure.

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